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Cattery Brithish Shorthair cat Bastet-a-tet

News from October, 05th 2010

Cardinal Dominic Baset-a-tet BRIa

Parents: Don Juan Bastet-a-tet BRIa and Irma Bastet-a-tet BRIa

News from September, 26th 2010

One of our small girl - Bedtime Story Bastet-a-tet attended TICA cat show in Moscow. She did great. Bedtime Story got into 7 finals from 10. I love her and proud of my girl very much!

British Shorthair Kittens
  Bedtime Story Bastet-a-tet 

25-26/09/2010 TICA Moscow

Bedtime Story Bastet-a-tet
7 finals from 10

26/09/2010 TICA Moscow

Irene van Belzen (AB, Holland)

News from September, 19th 2010

Cats & kittens

Blue kittens. Date of birth 17/09/2010

Parents: Moorkatz Smirnoff Blue & Sofia Bastet-a-tet

The cattery owner: Nikitenko Elena
E-mail:  bastet-a-tet@yandex.ru

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