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Purrade Summer Edition. Blue-tortie brithish shorthair girl
• Purrade Summer Edition •
blue-tortie, BRI g
  • Purrade Summer Edition is our most recent purchase. She came to us from the UK. Her home name is Kapel'ka (a drop), which she received for having a tiny cream blot on her forehead. Kapel'ka is a gorgeous young girl, of excellent English breed type, with round head and tiny ears, strong chin and very large and well-saturated eyes. The girl has a perfect coat: light, short and dense. As a kitten, she had managed to visit the most prestigious cat show in Britain - GCCF Supreme Cat Show - where, in a strongest competition, she showed excellent results. I am very grateful to Mrs T. Kingwell for trusting me with this beautiful girl.

British Shorthair cats
• Akuma Teutta*PL •
  • Akuma is another girl who had joined us recently, this time from Poland. She had captured our hearts at once with her excellent, truely British temper and her vibrant and bright looks. We call her Peach at home. This female displays excellent breed qualities: superb type, beautiful head, strong, cobby body. Her coat is of splendid structure and of bright, saturated color. I am very grateful to Ms. K. Feratovic for this wonderful girl.

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 BriRus Anabel of Bastet-a-tet. Blue brithish shorthair cats
• BriRus Anabel of Bastet-a-tet •
Blue, BRI a

• Bedtime Story Bastet-a-tet •
black-tortie white, BRI f 03
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• Demi Bastet-a-tet •

British Shorthair cats
• Kalypso Lilac-Cream Angelbeast •
lilac-cream girl (carrier cinnamon)
  • Kalypso (after the nymph who had saved Usysses) is a bright and charismatic lady, curious, jolly and self-sufficient. Extremely large and very affectionate. Kalypso has beautiful head, big expressive eyes and very strong chin. I'd like to thank her breeder Ms T. Anisimova for such a lovely girl.

• Darisha Bastet-a-tet •

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