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For any British kittens enquiry, please E-mail: bastet-a-tet@mail.ru

On this page you can find available kittens are the present time. All our kittens are raised with constant human contact since they are born, which makes them especially loving and trusting. Kittens will be available after they reached 12 weeks and at that time they will be social stable for new environment and become part of your family.

british kittens

blue tortie girl
Bastet-a-tet Ysabel
blue tortie

British shorthair kittens
• Litter "L" •

Date of birth: June 2nd 2016

chocolate boy
Golden Millenium Veniamin

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British kitten, cinnamon boy

name:  Bastet-a-tet Leo

sex: male

colour: cinnamon

Bastet-a-tet Leo very nice cinnamon boy.
Super coat, very crispy, light colour, perfect type. Very good boy for breeding and show!


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photo More details status
British kitten, chocolate girl

name:  Bastet-a-tet Ladushka

sex: female

colour: chocolate

Bastet-a-tet Ladushkavery big girl. She has a beautiful head, short wide nose and super coat. Very good type for British cats and muscle cobby body.


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The cattery owner: Nikitenko Elena
E-mail:  bastet-a-tet@yandex.ru

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